Invite designed for Life Fitness and Williams F1 event

As part of our work with Life Fitness and their on-going support of the Williams Racing Formula 1 team, we were tasked with creating an invitation with a premium feel to tour the Williams Racing Museum.

More2Me brand created for UK Sports Institute

The UK Sports Institute’s Performance Lifestyle Team collaborated with 100AND10% to create a new umbrella brand, encompassing all of their athlete support services. Titled “More2Me”, the project provided the opportunity to streamline and clarify the wealth of support services the team offered within the wider organisation with a colourful design style geared towards athletes and other practitioners.

Alongside the core brand style, we delivered several live tools to help the Performance Lifestyle team better engage with their athletes, facilitating meaningful conversations with trackable metrics that could be shared and monitored digitally.

Feedback from within the organisation has been overwhelmingly positive and has meant that the project continues to grow in scope, solidifying the UK Sports Institute’s commitment to holistic athlete development.

UKSI Insider Podcast launched

Season 2 of the UK Sports Institute Insider Podcast brings together industry professionals and leaders in the field of women’s health in sport for in depth discussion and insight. 100AND10% created a recognisable brand identity for the podcast and a set of episode tiles for the season.

Design completed for the UK Sports Institute’s Mission 2025 plan

100AND10% have recently completed design work on the UK Sports Institute’s major strategic plan titled Mission 2025. The document sets the strategy and tone for all of the work undertaken by the organisation for the following 2 years, with no stone left unturned. The launch of the Mission 2025 strategy marked the first major landmark in the timeline of the UK Sports Institute following its recent rebrand from the English Institute of Sport.