Re-brand complete for Total Swimming Academies

The Total Swimming Group and the Total Swimming Academy was launched by Olympic Medallist Steve Parry following his retirement from the sport and in 2016, 100AND10% was procured to re-design the brand hierarchy and B2B brands alongside the main B2C Total Swimming Academy brand.

On completion of the new structure, including agreement on creating the Total Swimming Group, the Total Swimming Academy brand was re-designed to better reflect the activities of the business and engage more with its younger target market – the 000’s of 3-11 year olds that take part in its swimming lessons every week.

Following recommendations, we commissioned 100AND10% to review, audit and propose a new existing brand structure for our existing businesses alongside re-designing a number of our existing brands. Their interest in our business, our future plans and the insightfulness of their questions ensured the proposed brand structure and architecture was received positively and enabled the design work to move ahead quickly and efficiently. We are delighted with their work to date and look forward to continue to build on the relationship and support the growth of all our brands.

Steve Parry Director, Total Swimming & Total Group