MTC Robocrop project wows

100AND10% put the finishing touches to a wide-ranging project showcasing the work of MTC’s Robocrop project.

The aim of the overall project was to explore the use of advanced robotics to create a more sustainable agricultural sector while improving yield and quality.

100AND10% were tasked with delivering the creative output, highlighting the results, producing a project video, case study and media graphics to assist with communicating its success.

100AND10% and Parkwood Leisure to team up with new website for Torquay’s Riviera Centre

Parkwood Leisure have chosen to engage with 100AND10% for a fourth time, confirming the go ahead of a redesign and build of Torquay’s Riviera Centre’s website.

The project follows recently completed and successful web builds commissioned by Parkwood Leisure for their facilities at Rufford Abbey, Rufford Mill and Pavilion Gardens in Buxton.

The focus of 100AND10%’s work will center on modernising the website, enhancing the user experience, ensuring accessibility, and effectively showcasing the Riviera Centre’s facilities and services. The primary objective is to drive the centre’s commercial endeavors while preserving its status as a premier English Riviera destination.

UKSI Insider Podcast launched

Season 2 of the UK Sports Institute Insider Podcast brings together industry professionals and leaders in the field of women’s health in sport for in depth discussion and insight. 100AND10% created a recognisable brand identity for the podcast and a set of episode tiles for the season.