Boccia UK athlete recruitment project

100AND10% was tasked with designing a campaign to support athlete recruitment for the Paralympic sport of Boccia, ahead of the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

Not only did the campaign need to engage with athletes with the potential to compete at the sport’s highest level, it needed to reach out to individuals (and their friends, family, teachers etc.) who may have the attributes to compete in Boccia but may have never considered it.

At the heart of the campaign was a video, documenting the journey of one of Boccia UK’s World Class Programme athletes, Louis Saunders. 100AND10% was responsible for the video in its entirety, including storyboarding, script and interview Q&A and shoot plan, filming on location, full video edit and production.

To enhance campaign reach, digital and print assets were designed incorporating key messaging established as part of the overall campaign narrative. A landing page was also built within Boccia UK’s existing website to house the campaign content and direct people to register their interest.

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