Elevating NRG GYMS’ online presence

NRG GYMS partnered with 100AND10% to transform its digital presence, aligning it with the evolving brand identity.

The goal was to create a dynamic website that not only mirrored the excellence of their gyms but also provided a seamless user experience. Key objectives included enhancing the membership user experience, integrating impactful imagery and videos, and creating a platform suitable for future digital lead generation campaigns.

With 100AND10% already supporting the marketing of all five of NRG’s gyms on an ongoing basis, the team already had a thorough understanding of the existing NRG GYM website and the improvements that needed to be made.

This formed the foundation for the design phase, where our team crafted a visually captivating and responsive website that resonated with their target audience. The integration of new imagery and compelling videos played a central role, showcasing the gym’s state-of-the-art equipment, expert instructors, and inviting ambiance.

The revamped website also focused on optimising user experience. The simplification of the membership sign-up process has already led to significant increase in new membership registrations online.

Furthermore, the seamless integration of elements on the website positioned NRG GYM for the next phase of growth. The groundwork laid during this project enables the gym to seamlessly incorporate future digital lead generation campaigns.

With the solid foundation set during this project, NRG GYM has the tools to expand lead generation initiatives, nurture prospects through targeted email campaigns, and refine the user experience using data-driven insights.