URBANFITNESS London exceeds membership target as inaugural gym opens

URBANFITNESS, a new London-based gym concept, has opened its first site in Aldgate with pre-launch membership numbers more than 45% above target – with a little help from the marketing efforts of 100AND10%!

The team were responsible for the design, management and implementation of the gym’s pre-launch sales and marketing strategy, which also included the creation of the URBANFITNESS brand and the design and build of the website, www.urbanfitness.london.

URBANFITNESS adopts a unique position in the competitive gym market, by offering state-of-the-art equipment and facilities but with membership prices comparatively less than London-based competitor sites. The challenge therefore was to position the gym as a high-end, premium facility through the creative use of copy and language, combined with the use of imagery, whilst still clearly communicating the competitive membership pricing structure.

100AND10%’s remit also included the design and production of all marketing collateral, branding and signage onsite at the gym.

On working with 100AND10%, Jonathan Williams, Director of URBANFITNESS London, said: “We know the team well and we knew we were in very safe hands throughout the planning process and the pre-sale launch campaign.

“The marketing for any new gym is at the core of its potential success and working together with the onsite team and prospectors, we have significantly exceeded all our targets for membership numbers at launch. It is a great start to the URBANFITNESS London journey and we look forward to building on this with 100AND10% at the Sugar House club and as we plan the roll out of future sites.”

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