British Judo Association – Throw Yourself Into Judo

100AND10% was given the brief to design and deliver the identity for a new participation initiative for British Judo, the ‘Throw Yourself Into Judo’ campaign.

Targeted not only at those new to the sport, the initiative also had to appeal those seeking to re-engage with judo or build on their existing involvement in the sport across athletes, coaches, referees and volunteers.

The logo and subsequent brand identity was created as part of the overarching British Judo brand and rolled out across a microsite, print and digital collateral including brochure, social media graphics and campaign video.

100AND10% also supported in the build up to and at the official launch of Throw Yourself Into Judo, bringing together elite athletes, coaches and participants of all ages. The launch provided a fantastic opportunity to showcase the new brand through large scale onsite signage, handouts and t-shirts to widen the reach of the initiative and support in building the awareness of the campaign.