3 St. James’s Square

3 St. James’s Square engaged 100AND10% with the brief of updating the brand and repositioning it around its core offering as ‘London’s most complete private members’ club’ set in the heart of Central London.

The new brand retains the balance of a luxurious, on-trend private members club whilst adding a vibrancy and warmth that a 21st Century facility of its kind requires to appeal to its target audience.

All copy was reviewed and re-written to accurately represent the club, its services and the overall member experience. This copy was used as the foundation across all revitalised digital and hard-copy collateral including the corporate brochure and website.

As part of the re-brand, 100AND10% completed extensive creative and design work including updating the club’s logo and introducing a new colour palette. This was incorporated across the newly designed and built website which also includes imagery from the photoshoot commissioned by 100AND10%, reflecting each area of the club.

The design work on the project extended across further digital assets including email marketing templates as well as rejuvenated printed marketing collateral.