100AND10% and Westlab collaborate on Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

100AND10% was appointed by Westlab, international experts in pure mineral salts, to design and manage pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to promote products in Tesco and Asda stores nationwide, with the aim of increasing brand awareness and sales.

Having determined the client’s aims and objectives, Facebook was the chosen channel for the two B2C campaigns. Its ability to reach a specific demographic combined with the flexibility in advert style meant that the campaign could incorporate videos, images or graphics to maximise engagement with its target audience.

Each campaign focused on a different product range, within which were unique products, so the PPC strategy needed to be planned accordingly. For Tesco, Westlab wanted to promote the Supersalt range and its Dead Sea, Epsom and Himalayan Salts products; an ad group was created for each unique audience based on the intended users and the product’s benefits.

The Asda campaign promoted Westlab’s Shower Wash range, which also comprised three different products, alongside the same salts as the Tesco campaign. For this, one ad group was required to engage the targeted audience effectively. This was set up with specific targeting techniques with a focus on mums, as well as also targeting the three salt range audiences.

Overall, both PPC campaigns performed well and succeeded in raising awareness of the Westlab brand and its different product ranges. The top performing ad group for Tesco was the Epsom group with the most clicks overall and highest Click Through Rate; with the entire campaign matching up well to the predicted figures for each ad group.

The Asda campaign performed very well with a higher average Click Through Rate than estimated for Facebook, a sustained low Cost Per Click rate and a reach of 35,000 unique users, which was key for brand awareness.